Jack & The Wild Goose Chase (2003)

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Jack & The Wild Goose Chaseby Ken Raabe
Music by Rich Maisel
Directed by John Szostek

Holiday 2003

The story picks up right where Mr. Punch, or, Jack and the Blasé Bride left off.

Jack and the duchess, Talulah, have been foiled by the evil Sarnoff in their attempt to wed, but are preparing again for their big wedding celebration.

As one can expect, events immediately run awry with the return of Sarnoff, who convinces Talulah to put Jack through a series of tests in order to prove his honor.

With the help of the Golden Goose, Daisy the Cow, and a few other friends, Jack must make his way through the madness of this mixed-up fairy tale to overcome strange creatures, show amazing feats of intelligence, and conduct impressive feats of magic in order to once again win his bride and save her from the grimy grip of Sarnoff.

Here's what our critics say:

"The laughs and shrieks of the children matched the outrageousness of the performance onstage. "

Brian Murphy, Evanston Roundtable



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