Robin Hood: The Panto!

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Robin HoodBy Jessica Puller
Music by Tyler Beattie
Directed by Glenn Proud and Brianna Sloane

November 19 – December 19, 2010

The Merry Men have never been merrier!

The classic tale of Robin Hood is turned on its head! Everything seems to be going well after Robin rescues Marian from the evil Sheriff. But Robin’s cousin Scarlet (who is desperate to join the Merry Men) finds a magical book – and the spells start flying! The Sheriff falls in love with the Dame, Little John turns into a bear, and Marian is set to marry the wrong man – it’s going to be harder than ever for Robin to save the day! And it doesn’t help that there’s a wild cow and mischevious fairies causing chaos in Sherwood Forest!

Here's what our critics say:

Recommended! A Must See Show! "The audience was rolling the aisles from beginning to end, and there's not a moment of boredom for children or adults." – Lisa Findley,

"Andrew Roberts imparts a bustling comic charm to the traditional role of the Dame and Ben Muller radiates electric evil as the villainous Sir Guy. – Keith Griffith, Chicago Reader

"A Hoot and a Holler!" – Katy Walsh,

"Performed with unstoppable gusto and unfailing impudence....this is louder than life and beautifully burlesque." – Lawrence Bommer, Steadstyle Chicago

"Pure, unadulterated silliness." – Paige Listerud,

"Really. Go. Take the kids. Take anyone who needs a good laugh. For your helping of holiday cheer, this is the genuine article." – Patricia Simms,

"You will laugh throughout. And if you're lucky enough to have kids in the audience, with you, it will be even better." –Lisa Findley,


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