Servant of Two Masters

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servant-of-2-mastersby Carlo Goldoni
Translated by Tom Simpson
Directed by John Szostek

Feb 25 – April 9, 2011

Experience Commedia dell'Arte, the mother of Italian comedy!

Prepare yourself for two duels, a love scene, singing, dancing, acrobatic physicalities, a crazy dining scene, crafty tricks, clever disguises, and so much more....all wrapped up at the end with three weddings!

Carlo Goldoni's 18th century comedy is about Truffaldino, a wily servant who recklessly fibs his way through an entire day as he serves not one master, but two -- without either of them knowing. 

His reward?  An extra meal, some spare pocket change, and the satisfaction of outsmarting his "betters"... or so he hopes!

Here's what our audience says:

"Fantastic show - I laughed harder than I have in a loooooong time... It is a traditional performance of a very old play done in the...performance style of commedia dell arte. It is bawdy at times and it is always physical and energetic... Bravo to cast and crew of this marvelous production and rarely-seen performance style."

- Zac D



The actor who played the 'servant' is a 'master' in this - pun intended — and should be seen by many. It's always a special treat to go to Piccolo. Nothing like it in Chicago.

-Joy from Chicago

"This show, A Servant for Two Masters, was absolutely the best ever. All the

acting was over the top wonderful. If this Piccolo production doesn't make one

want to subscribe, then none will!!! Congratulations to all."

- Ann Searles

And here are our critics:

Highly Recommended! "The folks at Piccolo Theatre have emerged as one of the few theatre troupes skilled and disciplined enough to create wonderful Commedia dell'Arte."

-Tom Williams,

Recommended! "Omen Sade is a spectacular highpoint as the title servant. Sade is more than just quick on his feet--he exemplifies physical comedy."

-Dan Jakes,

"...a kinetic exploration of the art of performance...This successful venture is another testament to Mr. Szostek and his cast's love of performance."

-Brian Murphy, Evanston Roundtable

"...A fresh, delightful, and laugh-out-loud funny production. Physical comedy is the order of the day, and director John Szostek has brilliantly coordinated the interactions of a very energetic and acrobatically talented cast."

-Laura Kolb,

"...this company performs pure "Commedia dell'Arte"! And what they do is sheer perfection." -Alan Bresloff,

"This The Servant of Two Masters offers an embarrassment of comedic riches." -Tom Wittom, Evanston Review

"...[Omen Sade] really got to the heart of Truffaldino, and the quick physical movements, the flights of fancy, and the schemes. He was a delight to watch. -Adam Gertsacov,

"...the production delivers charm as well as energy. The simple pleasure of buffoonery – that is the hearty spectacle that Piccolo achieves in its economically tiny space."

-Paige Listerud,


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