Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry!

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6queensOriginally created by Foursight Theatre
Divised theatre by the women of Piccolo Theatre

April 16 – June 5, 2010

A devised theatre piece packed with intrigue, rowdy good humor, and duels of words.

The action takes place in eternity, where Henry's consorts are forced to spend their days and nights vaulting over each other for the top spot and the answer to the question: Who was the true Queen?

The three Catherines, two Annes and one Jane prowl around the centric "Bed of State" where their destinies were both made and unmade in this interesting and unusual take on one of the most dramatic periods of English history.

Whether Henry Tudor, who is obviously full of "hot-air," survives the love and wrath of his wives is the question.

Here's what our critics say:

"Neglected by both the Trib and TimeOut. A manic charm from the get go...heavily characatured yet poignant..." –Laura Molzahn, (City Room Blog)

"Despite the show's faithfulness to comedy, these women have done a truly remarkable job packing poignancy into purposely brief, shining moments...Huzzah!"- Brian Murphy, Evanston Roundtable

"These actresses shine...with lavish costumes, outlandish makeup, and a simple yet brilliant set." – Brian Murphy, Evanston Roundtable

"[Leeann] Zahrt is a gifted comedienne...and [Denita] Linnertz has a commanding presence... This is the ideal piece for a discerning audience member who enjoys a blatant fart joke. You'd best get up to Evanston and check it out." –Kevin Heckman,

"By turns sympathic and irascible, [Denita] Linnertz is both a reliable foil to the other actresses and a force in her own right." –Annah Hacket, Loyola Phoenix

"The small cast fills the tiny stage to bursting, this potential setback is turned into a strength by the highly capable actresses. You can't help but like it." – Annah Hacket, Loyola Phoenix

"This howl of a play, which reincarnates all of Henry VIII's wives, has a smart, over-the-top, witty script...jolly good fun!" –Tom Witom, Pioneer Local

"One part cabaret, one part biography, and a whole lot of comedy...the actresses all deliver outstanding performances. " –Keith Ecker,

"Gifted comedian Leeann Zahrt is especially poignant as "Cleavage"-bumpkin Anne of Cleaves." –Scotty Zacher, Chicago Reader


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