Six Dead Queens & An Inflatable Henry!

Six Dead Queens
And An Inflatable Henry!


At the Greenhouse Theater:
9/6 (preview), 9/7-10/6

Tickets Available at
the Greenhouse Theater

$18 - $28


Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Divorced. Beheaded. Survived. Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry!, is the tale of three Catherines, two Annes and one Janeā€”the ill-fated wives of Henry VIII.

This royal gaggle is trapped in eternity and forced to share not only one husband but one bed upon which they sing, dance and fight to assert themselves as the one true queen. Historical archetypes fall, common cause rises, and the women behind the titles unleash a raucous royal coup against their fat, flaccid, inflatable spouse.

Read more in the Six Dead Queens' blog.
Watch videos about the production on our video page.


  • "for a riotous hour-plus of score-settling, frank testifying and rank catfighting"
    -Courtesy of Time Out Chicago!
  • Reader & Red Eye Recommended!
  • "If you remember nothing from high school history, that is even more reason to see the show; it's the most hilarious history lesson ever."
    Kristin Walters - Centerstage
  • "coarse, boisterous... hilarious show... the ladies turn into bridling, snorting horses"
    Laura Molzahn - The Chicago Reader
  • "You have a blast"
    Scotty Zacher-Chicago Theater Beat
  • "Stellar performances...I left the theatre happy to have seen such an original and creative comedy"
    Noel Schecter - Splash Magazine
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