Twelfth Night

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12thNightPosterby William Shakespeare
Directed by Karen Yates
Music by Phil Rockrohr

February 20 – March 21, 2009

Shakespeare's best-loved comedy is set in riotous 1968 London, when the city was at its most precarious.

Viola, shipwrecked and far from her home in India, finds herself separated from her twin and in the middle of a "mod" world set a-wobble by anti-war protests, immigration issues, gay rights, and class struggle.

Knowing she can find work dressed as a man, Viola dons the disguise of a foreign gentleman recently arrived from India and works for a Duke who holds court in a hip London society, topsy-turvy with infatuation, longing, and mistaken identities.

Viola soon finds herself in love with the Duke who's in love with a Countess who is in love with.... a foreign gentleman, recently arrived from India...  In this comedy, both silly and wise, Shakespeare examines the many facets of love as well as the darker aspects of human nature.

Here's what our critics say:

"With Twelfth Night, the eight-year old Evanston company has scored a direct hit. [Karen] Yates well-honed cast delivers maximum impact in a tight in-the-round performance." -Tom Wittom, Pioneer Local

"The actors revel in the confusion created by Shakespeare's text, and all savor every ounce of bawdiness and double-entendre. Piccolo has a swinging production on their hands." – Brian Murphy, Evanston Roundtable

Recommended! "One of the most delightful little surprises of the season. Highly entertaining and riotously funny." –Randy Hardwick,


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