We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Pay

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We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Payby Dario Fo
Translated by Ron Jenkins
Directed by John Szostek

August 23- September 9, 2001

A kaleidoscope of comedy and farce!

Housewives Antonia and Margherita, fed up with high prices in the supermarket, take matters into their own hands and "liberate" some items from the local grocery store.

Keen to hide their light-fingered antics from their hot-headed moralist husbands, Giovanni and Luigi – not to mention the police – the women are forced to resort to more and more inventive hiding places, as slapstick confusion leads to rollicking chaos.

Here's what our critics say:

"Ken Raabe and Deborah Craft anchor the screwball action."

Mary Shen Barnidge, Chicago Reader



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